My dog has the mouth of a sewer.  It came to light just how bad it was when recently a friend politely asked if I had farted.  My dog had just yawned.

He is a Chihuahua – a small breed notoriously known for their overcrowded little mouths and dislike to chew things.  Looking at his teeth, they didn’t look so bad to me.  They were a big browner than I would like, but not reflective of the smell he produced whenever his mouth opened.

A dental check at the vet confirmed that his face should be labelled with a HAZCHEM sticker and he was promptly booked in for a dental scale.

As it turned out, no teeth needed removing but he did have some rotting food stuck to a back molar.  He also needed his teeth cleaned – that was obvious.

Now, with white shiny teeth, I am determined to keep them that way.  He races away from me whenever I go near him with a toothbrush, so I have to feed him special Dental kibbles that were recommended by the vet.  He likes them, it’s easy for me to give them, it’s a win-win situation.

My friend however has a cat that will not eat special kibbles.  He is “fussy” (aka spoiled).  He does however have a quirk that I find hilarious.  He loves his toothbrush and toothpaste!  You can get different flavoured pet toothpaste; chicken, beef, cheese, biscuit and liver.  Her cat is often found brushing his own teeth!

I think my dog needs a lesson.


By Ricci Trower

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