Home Pet Euthanasia

Thinking the time has come for your pet to be euthanised or “Put to Sleep”?

At this difficult time, being at home in a familiar and stress free-environment is something that you and your pet may appreciate.

Eltham Veterinary Practice offers home euthanasia to the local community . Being at home minimises the stress on your pet as they’re in a familiar environment rather than a clinical veterinary practice situation. It will also provide peace and privacy for your family.

The latest medications allow for Euthanasia to be a calmer experience, aiming to provide a peaceful and dignified death. The use of gentle sedation and calming agents allows your pet to gradually fall into a deepening sleep prior to the final anaesthetic overdose.

We support and reassure you throughout the process to minimize any discomfort you may feel and are happy to include children and other pets.

It is important to consider aftercare arrangements for your pet as well. We provide cremation options through a highly ethical external provider.

Travel fees may apply. Please ring us for more information or to book a home visit.

During afterhours or on weekends, if we can’t come to home for your pet’s final moments, we recommend some dedicated service providers listed in this link.

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