Pet Dentistry

Your pet’s teeth are important to us. As they can’t brush their teeth every day like us humans, the risk of dental disease is quite high. That’s why we offer a dedicated appointment with one of our vets for a free dental check and dental plan discussion.

Pet Dental Services

It’s important to have a regular annual dental and health check-ups for your pet because if they have dental disease or a toothache, you are unlikely to notice as pets are very good at hiding pain. Any smelly breath, yellow tartar build-up or signs of eating discomfort (e.g. dropping food) can be signs of dental disease and will require a dental examination.

A check up may reveal the need for cleaning, polishing, tooth extraction or even just a change in diet to prevent dental problems and do away with the need for yearly cleans. Remember, your pet will look and function better and also live longer with healthy teeth and gums.

Up to 75% of pets older than 3 years old suffer from some degree of periodontal and gingival disease. This is a condition in which bacteria attack the gum tissue causing a foul odour, yellowish brown crusts of tartar around the gum line and even pain and bleeding when your pet eats or when you touch their gums.

We provide all routine dentistry services including some more advanced procedures, and we also refer to specialists trained in advanced orthodontics when required.

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