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Puppy School is a must for all owners looking to give their puppy the very best start in life and the opportunity to grow into a well behaved, social dog. Unlike traditional training classes, puppy schools are specifically designed for dogs 8 to 18 weeks of age. This time is the puppy’s critical socialisation period where nature intends pups to start exploring away from the litter.

Why Puppy Preschool?

Combining socialisation and obedience, our school lays down a learning foundation and prepares them for a lifetime of good behaviour and companionship.

Puppy Pre-school has been running now at Eltham Veterinary Practice for several years, and we are fortunate to have Sarah Macdonald, a highly experienced dog trainer from “Canine Comprehension” to run our classes. Puppy school aims to teach puppies good manners, in a fun, safe and disease free environment.

What is Covered?

Each course consists of five 55 minute classes conducted over 5 weeks. Sarah teaches owners “good behaviour shaping” using modern non-reward based techniques, and our Vets give a talk on general health care. The class size is a maximum of 10 puppies per class.

What Your Puppy Will Learn?

  •  Confidence and friendliness with people and dogs
  •  Bite inhibition
  •  Socialisation and controlled play
  •  Obedience
  •  Communication and handling

What You Will Learn?

  • Your dogs natural instincts
  • How to look after your puppy
  • Toilet training 101
  • How to read canine postures
  • Ideas for “home alone” activities
  • Leadership skills
  • Basic training skills
  • A good first step on the ladder of life

Upon completion of the course, each puppy will be awarded with a graduation pack complete with a hat and some goodies.

Classes are held on Saturdays alternating between 11am and 12pm in a block of 5 weeks.

What People Are Saying About Sarah’s Puppy Classes

“Sarah is easy to talk to and gives practical advice to suit each individual dog and owner”.

“We have found Sarah at Canine Comprehension to be an excellent trainer in order to equip us with the skills to teach our puppy to grow to be a well behaved, socialised dog. She provides clear direction and works closely with every owner to endure the best outcomes”.

“Training with canine comprehension has helped me understand my dog and form a closer bond with my dog.”

“Training with canine comprehension is fantastic. We learn plenty of obedience skills, as well as learning how to have a well mannered dog outside of class. There are also plenty of opportunities for socialisation. Sarah is a brilliant trainer, who is very patient and knowledgeable and makes every class new and different”

“Sarah has helped us turn our shaky, demanding pup into a confident, obedient young dog.”

Adolescent Classes

Sarah also runs adolescent classes at 9am & 10am on Saturdays. Dogs are to come on a casual basis and pay per class, but must be up to date with their vaccinations, must have already done some puppy training here at Eltham Veterinary Practice, or basic training with Canine Comprehension. Due to high demand in both classes, please contact Sarah before attending either class to confirm whether spots are still available.

To find out more about Sarah McDonald and her company “CANINE COMPREHENSION”, click HERE

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