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COVID-19 Procedure update

**STAGE 4 LOCKDOWN UPDATE** During these unprecedented times, there have been a lot of questions regarding veterinary services. Vets are considered an Essential Service under the Stage 4 Lock-down in Victoria - meaning Eltham Veterinary Practice is open and here for...

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How To Exercise Your Cat – Dr Renae Wood

Finding ways for your cat to lose weight is a game of trials and compromises, and finding the balance between what suits your lifestyle and your cat's personality is the hardest part! Thankfully our Locum Vet Dr Renae Wood has put together this helpful post on DIY cat...

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Guest Blogger Ricci Trower : The Importance of Dental Checks

My dog has the mouth of a sewer.  It came to light just how bad it was when recently a friend politely asked if I had farted.  My dog had just yawned. He is a Chihuahua – a small breed notoriously known for their overcrowded little mouths and dislike to chew things. ...

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Dermatitis: An Itch Your Dog Can’t Scratch

Do you have a pet that scratches? Has your pet got red, inflamed, or flaky skin? If so, your pet probably has some type of dermatitis. Dermatitis is inflammation (or irritation) of the skin and is an extremely common problem in pets. Inflammation of the skin itself is...

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Cruciate ligament repairs Pt 2

Following Pt 1: Common Cruciate Repair Options 1)     Surgery (one of the so-called “leveling osteotomies” is recommended for medium and large breed dogs, the one at Eltham Veterinary Practice is a “TTO”). 2)     Surgery (a procedure called an “Lateral Suture repair”—...

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Cruciate ligament repairs Pt 1

Has your dog suddenly become lame in a back leg? He/she might have jumped off the couch and landed wrongly, or been at the park chasing a ball when he/she yelped and started limping. Or it could have been a slight limp noticed some time back that seems to be getting...

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Community Dog Walk 2016

Eltham Veterinary Practice is holding a Community Dog Walk and you are welcome to join us! Where: Eltham Veterinary Practice, 644 Main Road, Eltham. When: Sunday 3rd of April Time: 10am - 1pm The event starts at 10am with registration and coffee will be available. We...

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Eltham Veterinary Practice Client Information Night 2015

Every year Eltham Veterinary Practice holds a popular "Client Information Night" to discuss health concerns relating to your pets. This year the topic is Itchy and Arthritic Dogs. When: Thursday 12th of November at 7-9pm (light refreshments at 6.30pm) Where: Eltham...

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Family Fun Day 2015

Our first ever FAMILY FUN DAY was proudly hosted at Eltham Veterinary Practice, 644 Main Road Eltham on the 12th April this year. All the Eltham Veterinary Practice staff were there to meet, greet and mingle with the pets and people of our wonderful community. The...

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