Business Hours Emergency


  • Remain calm.
  • Contact us prior to your arrival so we can provide immediate advice and prepare our team.
  • Advise our team if assistance is needed in moving your pet.

After-Hours Emergency Procedure

If your pet has a medical emergency please contact us on (03) 9439 8650 during our business hours, or if it is between 7:00pm -10pm please ring our Advice Line on 0417 150 111.

Otherwise, if neither of the above applies, ring CARE (Centre for Animal Referral & Emergency) on (03) 9417 6417.

There are many advantages in using a specialist After-Hours Veterinary Hospital:

  • Their normal working day is 8.00pm until 8.00 am. ie the reverse of ours. Their Veterinarians and Nursing staff only work these hours, so they will be fresh, alert, and ready to look after to your pet.
  • The staff have had specific training in emergency medicine and critical care, hence they can provide all your pet’s emergency needs during those hours.
  • Your pet can then be discharged back to us the next morning if well enough. A complete medical record and history for ongoing care will be forwarded to us. This gives you continuity of care and ensures your pets health records remain complete at our practice.
  • Any critically ill patient in our care that needs to be constantly monitored can be transferred to an emergency centre for overnight care. This will mean your pet will have the best chance of a successful outcome.
  • If your pet needs to be seen after hours as an emergency, it will often need hospitalizing and constant monitoring as part of any treatment. By going to an emergency centre, this ensures that your pet has quality care 24 hours per day.

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