Pet Behaviour Services

Having our Pets Behaving Well is something we all need!

In order to help achieve happy pets and calm households, Eltham Veterinary Practice offers a pet behaviour service.

Whether your pet is a Japanse Chin that jumps up, a pheasant that plucks its feathers, or a cat that sprays your walls – or indeed any other small animal pet with behaviour that is a problem – Dr Steve Pryor and Dr Gus Braniff are here to help.

Dr Steve Pryor has been dealing with behaviour problems in pets for many years.

If your pet has behaviour that you are having difficulty living with, give us a call, so that we can direct your enquiry. You may just need phone advice, or the input of a good dog trainer. However, some pets need more.

If you think your pet does have problem behaviour, whether it’s anxiety, aggression, barking, house soiling, or something else, making a booking starts with an e-mail or a phone call — simply pick up the phone and call us on (03) 9439 8650.

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Dr. Eden Clark

Associate Veterinarian

Eden is a Diamond Creek girl who knows and loves the Eltham area. Eden desired to become a vet from a very young age and spent much of her childhood caring for wildlife, including housing bees overnight in homemade enclosures and feeding them sugar syrup until they were recuperated! It was her strong compassion that drove her desire to become a veterinarian.

After 6 years of study, Eden graduated from the University of Melbourne with First Class Honours in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. She has been lucky enough to spend the last 3 months travelling abroad through Central and South America with her partner before joining our team.

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