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Pet Care Advice

Have a pet care question or concern? Our team of veterinarians and nurses are happy to offer free advice over the phone. Take the guess work out of pet care by calling our friendly team.

Complete Range of Services

We offer everything you need to keep your pet healthy and happy. Our range of services include: Health Care, Wellbeing, Surgical and Diagnostic services. We can also assist with accessing specialist service providers where needed.

Home Euthanasia

If the time has come for your pet to be euthanised or “Put to Sleep” we are here to help. Eltham Veterinary Practice offers a home euthanasia service that helps pet owners manage this difficult time. Being at home, in a familiar and stress free-environment is something that you and your pet will really appreciate.


Desexing is a highly recommended, and very safe, surgical procedure that offers many benefits for your pet’s health. Desexed pets are less likely to display anti-social or destructive behaviours, and are also less likely to develop a range of dangerous medical conditions.

New Puppy Advice

A new puppy can be bundle of joy…and stress. You’ll want to do everything you can to keep your puppy healthy and happy, but there is a lot to learn. Our team of pet care experts have prepared some fantastic getting started information to make caring for your puppy a breeze.

New Kitten Advice

It can be hard to provide the best care for your new kitten when you don’t have all the answers. Thankfully our team of pet care experts have prepared some excellent resources to help keep your kitten healthy and happy.

Home Visits

We Believe

All pets should enjoy healthy and happy lives.

We Understand

That pet owners want to be informed and involved in their pet’s health care decisions.

We Know

That using our services should be easy and convenient for pet owners.

What Our Clients Say

Eltham Vet — Google Rating


“All the staff are welcoming and friendly. Gus has looked after our cat, Sam, with great care, putting him (and us) at ease.

He was very sensitive to how we were feeling when Sammy was unwell and ensured we were well informed and comfortable.”

Desiree Rushbrook

Let’s just say that my cat is a shocker. He doesn’t like anyone or anything so getting even routine treatment for him was always going to be difficult.

The staff at Eltham Vet are so patient with him I wouldn’t dream of taking him anywhere else. You guys are the best!

Donna Ewing

“The moment you walk in the door, they make us and our pets feel like part of their family.”

— Will and Sharon, owners of Penny.

“The health of our pets is just as important as the health would be to any family’s children. Because the pets are our children.”

— Val, owner of Lottie.

“I’d say come here because you always get priority.”

— Lisa, owner of Selby.

“They’re very professional. They do research. They’re up to date. But they’re also friendly, and that’s the balance you need to get.”

— Jo, owner of Cello.

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