It was a special and uplifting moment for Simba and his family this week as he finished his 17 weeks of chemotherapy.
In December last year after a brief period of being unwell Simba was sadly diagnosed with lymphoma, a cancer that originates in the lymphatic system.
After discussions of the treatment options with Dr Eden and a few additional tests, it was decided that Simba was a good candidate for chemotherapy and with his owners dedication the treatment was commenced.
It is safe to say over his chemotherapy journey everyone at the practice has fallen in love with Simba, he is the most affectionate and sweet natured boy and will always come in with his tail wagging. He has also developed a ridiculously cute tendency to nuzzle into the nurse and not watch as his IV catheter is placed.
We are so thrilled that Simba has responded amazingly to the chemotherapy and is now in remission and back at home being his crazy happy self.

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