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We Need Your Help!

Since 1973, Eltham Veterinary Practice has been serving the pet owners of Nillumbik and surrounds by treating their beloved pets. After half a century of continual growth, particularly in the last few years, we are getting to the point where our premises need some expansion to keep improving the services our clients require.

Many of you would have experienced a crowded waiting room at times. Also, there are times when we don’t have enough space for in-patients and surgery cases, sometimes meaning that non-essential surgery gets delayed.

We have submitted plans to council to expand the floorplan of the clinic above and behind the existing building as well as increase the off-street parking.

You may be aware that, historically, getting planning permission through Nillumbik can be an arduous process for numerous reasons. Not the least of these reasons include vocal groups who oppose any changes to the street scape or to business development.

We have been advised that one way to help offset the effects of these small but vocal groups is to have ample evidence from the local community that there is strong support for an improved veterinary facility in Eltham by having locals provide a supportive submission directly to the council.

Interested In Checking Out Our Plans?

You are invited to come and inspect our planning proposal plans at Eltham Veterinary Practice (displayed in the waiting room), we believe the changes will significantly improve you (and your pets) experience at the Veterinary Practice without significantly impacting the local environment.

We plan a second story largely be hidden from the road and a new drive-in customer carpark right outside the front door of the waiting room.

You can view our plans online by clicking the button below and going to ‘View current advertised planning applications’.

How You Can Help Us

For those of you who are willing to lodge supporting submissions, some points that could be included are as follows:


We provide an essential service to the community and an expansion will further help us support the local community and their pets.

A larger practice allows for additional services that will be able to be provided. For example, more consult rooms will mean more appointment availability and a larger hospital will allow for more surgeries to be performed and shorter wait times.
The proposed car park as part of the new plans will greatly improve the current conditions and reduce the traffic on the service road out the front of the practice. It will also remove the need for clients to walk up a steep driveway to access the practice.
The plans for the expansion will integrate with our current site and will not impact our neighbours or detract from the character of the local area.
A larger practice will provide more local employment opportunities.
Anything that helps us provide a better service and more support to local pet owners should 100% be supported by the council.

Providing a Supporting Submission

You can email the council directly by clicking the link below:

Please ensure that in all submissions you quote our permit application number:

329/2023/06P at 644 Main Road and 6 Mount Pleasant Road, Eltham

We appreciate any assistance that you can provide. The council advertising boards will be removed from our premises on or about June 23 so any submission needs to be lodged in the next couple of weeks.

With Kind Regards,

Dr Gus Braniff and Dr Steve Pryor

Eltham Vet - We need your help - Dr Gus Braniff and Dr Steve Pryor

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