Pet Grooming

Eltham Veterinary Practice is proud to offer a high quality grooming service for all your pets needs:

  • Bath & Brushout (bath, nails, brush & dry)
  • Bath & Tidy (bath, nails, scissoring around face, feet, bum & groin, brush & dry)
  • Full Groom/Clip (bath, nails, length taken off the body, a tidy up & dry)
  • Introductory Puppy Pack (breed specific, call us and we can tailor your visit!)

Our groomers provide high quality clipping and grooming for all breeds. This includes bathing, nail clips, scissoring, clip offs, thinning and stripping. Eltham Veterinary Practice has a fully equipped Grooming Room with a hydrobath, professional dryers and a full range of grooming requirements.

We have recently reviewed our pricing and flexibility to reflect feedback from a client survey. We now offer more competitive pricing, and we’ve shortened the turn-around time for grooms, which means you can now pick up your pet within a couple of hours.

We have appointments available Monday to Friday 8am – 2pm.

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