Lexi, a beloved member of the Thomas family, faced a health challenge when her uterus became infected (Known as Pyometra). Concerned for her well-being, Lexi’s family brought her to Eltham Veterinary Practice.

Under the skilled hands of Dr. Steve Pryor, Lexi underwent a successful surgery to address her condition. Our dedicated team of nursing staff showered her with care and attention for two days post-operation, ensuring she felt comfortable and supported during her recovery.
Despite still feeling quite unwell, Lexis owners elected to take her home in the hope that her family environment would help her turn the corner. Lexi exhibited incredible strength and determination. Two weeks later, when she returned for a follow-up, we were overjoyed to witness her remarkable progress. Lexi had not only weathered the storm but had made a full recovery, much to the delight of her loving family.
Lexi’s journey is a testament to the power of veterinary care, resilience, and the bond between pets and their human companions. We are grateful to have played a role in her recovery and look forward to many more happy and healthy moments with our furry friends.
The Eltham Vet Team does always recommend that female dogs be desexed by 6 years at the latest of age to prevent the risk of Pyometra – a life threatening disease, and normally much younger for dogs not intended for breeding..

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